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For example:
Multi-spindle machining centre with different multi-spindle heads.

The MQL systems for supplying multi-spindle heads are equipped with higher flow volumes in order to supply a great number of tools ideally at the same time.

All MQL systems by LUBRIX are suitbale for medium feed through the spindle or through the turret, as well as externally.

In the NC programme, the MQL parameters concerning air and oil are adapted individually to the demands of machining for every tool. The LUBRIX process monitoring system constantly monitors aerosol generation as well as MQL volume flow. Status messages are transmitted to the machine tool in real-time.

LUBRIX quality features

  • Simple, comprehensible parameter setting
  • Extremely quick response time of the MQL supply (< 0.1 s)
  • The oil content is independent of the speed in the aerosol volume flow, due to ideal aerosol generation

Process reliability

  • Integrated absolute volume flow control for process reliability in the MQL delivery to the tool
  • Automatic filling
  • Extensive process monitoring
  • Dynamic aerosol generation

Automotive regulations

The systems of the LUBRIX V7 series use standard components. The directives of the automotive requirement specifications are fulfilled with this.

Details V-Series

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 Standard seriesV-Series
Compressed air 5-10 bar 5-10 bar
Filling quantity 10 l 10 l
Automatic filling     
Response time < 0.1 s < 0.1 s
Oil flow sensor      

Absolute volume flow control

Process monitoring      
Type of lubrication internal / external internal / external
Standard components      
Conforming to requirement specifications (automotive)      
Optional operation with high pressure