Minimum Quantity
Lubrication Technology (MQL)

When using Minimum Quantity Lubrication technology, the lubricant, in the form of an oil mist (aerosol) prepared upstream in the MQL system, is transported through the machine tool and tool system via feed lines and channels to the cutting edge of the tool’s blade. The LUBRIX MQL systems offer specially developed functional properties for all occurring challenges, especially in the case of internal MQL supply through channels, thus ensuring maximum process reliability. Thousands of installations and 20 years of experience of our team make the crucial difference for our users.

LUBRIX – the MQL specialists

We specialise entirely in the development, production and sale of MQL technology and their system components.

Every LUBRIX MQL system excels in particular when used in modern machine tools. Users especially reap the benefits our products offer when the MQL is fed internally through spindles, turrets and tool systems.
Integrated dynamic aerosol generation along with modern process monitoring within the MQL systems enable the highest levels of process reliability when feeding MQL media into the tool. The LUBRIX products are characterized by their functionality and dynamics, especially in demanding boundary conditions.

  • long-running feed lines of more than 30 m through the machine tool

  • at spindle speeds of over 50,000 rpm

  • multiple changes in the direction of the channels within turrets or swivel-head spindles

  • deep-hole drilling processes with L/D ratios involving over 30

  • tools with guide pads requiring high volumes of oil

  • minimal oil consumption for added protection of workers and the environment

  • short response times of under 0.1 seconds

  • tools with extremely small cooling duct diameters of less than 0.2 mm

Success through innovation

Every year, several hundred machine tools across the globe are fitted out with MQL systems produced by LUBRIX. The numerous benefits our users can draw on during the cutting processes are born of our many years of experience and strong innovation skills in the field of MQL technology.


Ein- oder Doppelspindel-Bearbeitungszentrum

Single or double spindle machining centre

The MQL medium is transported to the cutting edge of the machine tool’s blade in a fraction of a second.

Multispindel- Sondermaschinen

Multi-spindle special-purpose machines

The MQL volume flow is distributed in absolute uniformity to a multitude of simultaneously running spindles.

Bohr-/Fräszentren mit Schwenkkopfspindel

Drilling/milling centres with swivel-head spindle

Even long or awkward channel lines caused by design constraints can be overcome to provide the ideal supply of MQL to the tools.

Ein- oder Mehrrevolver-Drehmaschinen

Single or multi turret lathes

Both lathes and power drills are perfectly supplied with the MQL medium.

Our products

LUBRIX MQL systems are available as serially-produced devices for a variety of processes or machine tools.


Every LUBRIX MQL system offers a standard set of features that have been especially designed to cope with the challenges of using MQL technology in all kinds of machine tools and machining processes. For particularly demanding applications, suitable optional extras can also be incorporated into the machine. LUBRIX offers two MQL system series. The MQL systems from the LUBRIX V Series fulfil all of the standard specifications that end users demand, and cover every conceivable monitoring feature. The LUBRIX S Series is a more cost-effective solution and also incorporates a large number of the process-monitoring functions.

V Series MQL systems at a glance
S Series MQL systems at a glance
LUBRIX series models compared (PDF)

LUBRIX – the company

LUBRIX GmbH was founded in 2001 and since then has dealt exclusively in MQL technology. The company has already acquired numerous awards, including from the state of Baden-Württemberg, for its innovations.

Since the company was founded, thousands of machine tools have been equipped with LUBRIX MQL systems. Experiences gained from these process installations continuously flow into the company’s product development activities. The summer of 2018 also saw the LUBRIX GmbH move into a new production facility where the ample space and modern production plants offer the company the capacity to grow further.

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