Outstanding, award-winning quality since 2001


The name LUBRIX stands like no other for the highest levels of minimum quantity lubrication quality.


Our team focuses its entire efforts on finding the perfect aerosol that can be generated for every application, transported to the cutting edge of the blade and used to its maximum degree of efficiency. With over 20 years of experience as a responsible MQL technology supplier and thousands of successfully equipped machine tools, LUBRIX employees have amassed a massive amount of know-how that benefits our customers and MQL users worldwide.

MQL systems are developed entirely in-house by our technologists using the very latest methods. They are also produced virtually completely at our plant in Kirchheim unter Teck, 30 km south-east of Stuttgart.


Real German Power

Our awards

For its outstanding performance in technology development and its company organization, LUBRIX has received multiple awards:

  • Baden-Württemberg Innovation Award, 2003
  • Göppingen Innovation Award, 2003
  • Esslingen Innovation Award, 2007
  • Holder of the Young Business Award (Landespreis für junge Unternehmen), 2008

Investing in the future – Looking to the future, we aim to continue to set the standard in minimum quantity lubrication.
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