The LUBRIX S-Series

The MQL system with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

Technology for the very highest demands

The LUBRIX S-Series MQL systems were launched with great success some years ago. These versions of the MQL system also meet every physical demand placed on MQL technology but stand out for their optimised price-to-performance ratio. This has largely been achieved by incorporating not only the components originating from the automotive industry’s requirements specifications but also standard components into the MQL system.

All of the versions listed below can also be fitted with a variety of optional extras, such as:

  • Automatic filling unit
  • High-pressure (HP) modules
  • Mounted/stand-alone jigs
  • Additional controllable components


The MQL system for all lathes fitted with a turret and/or for all machine tools fitted with a spindle nose up to HSK-63. This system fulfils every requirement in terms of response time, the required absolute volume flow, the necessary lubricant volume and operator-friendliness and thus meets every demand in all kinds of areas of application.



The MQL system for every machine tool fitted with a spindle nose larger than HSK-63 or with multiple numbers of the same tool running simultaneously. The LUBRIX S4 system also fulfils all of the functions required of the LUBRIX S3 system but is capable of delivering a far higher overall volume flow and thus reliably supplying several points of consumption with an MQL medium simultaniously.