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LUBRIX V7 closed

State-of-the-art minimum
quantity lubrication technology


With the new V-Series we are setting new standards in the industry.

Here you can find the very peak of lubricating effect, reliability, economics and ecology.

Aerosol generation

We have raised the LUBRIX aerosol generation to a new level. The lubrication aerosol contains consistently smallest particles, which are virtually unregistered by the centrifugal powers in the rotating tool, and can therefore hit the work piece unimpeded. A lubrication with even higher efficiency also means longer tool lives while using a minimum of

Process reliability

The machine tool and the MQL system communicate reliably with each other via an intensive process monitoring system. Once programmed, the MQL parameters don't need to be changed – operating errors are therefore impossible.


In every system of the V-Series standard components conforming to requirement specifications are used (e.g. ISO valves, standard cables and standard plug connections).


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Portal milling machine            
Lathing-milling centre            
Multi-turret lathing centre         
Double-spindle milling machine (simultaneous)            
Flexible machining centre (MC)            
Flexible manufacturing system         
Double-spindle MC            
Double-spindle MC (simultaneous)            
Multi-spindle head            
Compressed air 5-10 bar 5-10 bar 5-10 bar 5-10 bar
Filling quantity 10 l 10 l 10 l 10 l
Automatic filling         
Response time < 0.1 s < 0.1 s < 0.1 s < 0.1 s
Oil flow sensor            

Absolute volume flow control

Process monitoring            
Display English English multilingual multilingual
Type of lubrication internal / external internal / external internal / external internal / external
Standard components            
Conforms to requirement specifications (automotive)            
Optional operation with high pressure            
  ideally suited      suitable